Correct Piano Posture: Learn How to Sit at the Piano

5 January, 2019
Correct Piano Posture: Learn How to Sit at the Piano

Correct piano posture is very important when playing the piano. In fact, a correct posture is important for any kind of instrument playing. Incorrect piano posture can lead to all kinds of problems for your playing and your health.

The first thing you need to know is that you need to be sitting to play your piano. Nowadays, you will see modern bands with keyboardists standing to play.  If you really want to, you can do this once you’ve learnt how to play. But until then, it’s best to learn piano sitting down. 

While you’re sitting, you need to be comfortable and relaxed. You need your feet resting firmly on the floor, and your hands should be relaxed, with a slight arch in them as they hover above the keys. You should have your forearms and your hands parallel to the floor.

Why is posture so important? 

If you have an incorrect piano posture you won’t be able to move your hands freely (as they will be tense). This means you won’t be able to reach the keys quickly. You will hit wrong notes more frequently which won't be pleasant for those listening.

The other reason is cramp. If your hands aren’t in a good posture, you will get cramp much more often which will probably discourage you from playing regularly.

Okay, so how do you get a correct piano posture?

Your hands need to form an arch, and your fingers need to be slightly curled. Image you are holding an orange on each hand. It may feel odd when you first start playing, but this is the best way to hold your hands. Your hands won’t tire as quickly and you’re less likely to get cramp this way.

By the way, if you know how to type (correctly) then you should be comfortable with this kind of hand position.

You need to be aware of Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an overstraining of the muscles and ligaments in your wrist, and musicians can be susceptible to this due to the repetitive actions we must make. This is another reason why it’s so important to have correct piano posture.

In conclusion, although correct posture is a tedious part of learning to play piano, it’s worth practising it at the very beginning of your piano journey. Because ultimately it will make the piano learning experience much faster and more enjoyable. If you are new at learning piano, please check out the piano for beginners guide.

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Arisson Santos
Arisson Santos

Arisson Santos graduated in Computer Science at the University of Wales, and he has a Masters degree in Advanced Computing from the Manchester Metropolitan University both in the UK. He has always been interested in computers, technology and of course music. He used to play the trumpet as a child and has been playing the piano for several years. He's currently learning how to play the violin.

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