How Hard is It to Learn Violin

5 January, 2019
How Hard is It to Learn Violin

How hard is it to learn violin? Many people contemplating musical lessons for themselves or for their children ask that or a similar question.

For people with little or no knowledge of music, the thought of learning to play the violin can be a little intimidating. Likewise, the idea of you helping your young children learn a musical instrument of which you have very little understanding or knowledge, can be enough to make the average non musician blanch.

It does not have to be hard

However learning the violin, or any musical instrument for that matter, does not have to be hard. If you are genuinely interested in playing the violin and you have the drive to succeed then it shouldn’t be any more difficult than any other challenging task you have tried.

Like learning anything else throughout life, there is no gain without pain. And no gain without pain in this case means you need to practice. If you are truly dedicated to learning the violin and you see it as a challenge then plenty of practice will get you there.

The art of practice is finding a quiet place at home where you can practice uninterrupted. Whether that is a study, the basement, a specially set up music room or your living room doesn’t really matter. However you do need to be able to practice uninterrupted.

Ideally you should aim to practice at the same time, in the same place every day. It can be morning, night or afternoon, whatever best suits your lifestyle and that of your family. 

It might be that you organize to practice when other family members are out so you can be undisturbed. However whichever way you choose to organize your practice, it should become a habit. Once practice becomes a habit then it should not be too long before you are starting to make some recognisable music.

So how hard is it to learn violin?

Not difficult at all so long as you dedicate yourself to your lessons. And prepare to put the time into practice. Do all the repetitive tasks that will eventually make playing the violin second nature.

Also there is no such a thing as I am too old to learn. We can learn things at any age. The human mind only stops learning when we are dead. I am an adult learner myself and I know something is only hard to learn when you don't dedicate time to it.

So how hard is it to learn violin? Not hard at all, if you commit yourself to it.

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Arisson Santos
Arisson Santos

Arisson Santos graduated in Computer Science at the University of Wales, and he has a Masters degree in Advanced Computing from the Manchester Metropolitan University both in the UK. He has always been interested in computers, technology and of course music. He used to play the trumpet as a child and has been playing the piano for several years. He's currently learning how to play the violin.

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