Eighteen of the most memorable movie tracks that are sure make it into music history

27 January, 2019
Eighteen of the most memorable movie tracks that are sure make it into music history

Who does not remember a song they heard in a movie and marked their teenage years? Probably your grandparents and parents have theirs, as well as I'm sure you can name a few soundtracks you'll never forget either. In this article, we'll review eighteen of the most memorable movie tracks that are sure make it into music history. Separated by movie styles, I hope you like my selection and send suggestions for the next list.

Most memorable movie tracks:

Tracks from musicals, movies with impressive sound tracks, and such

- "Singing in the Rain," in the voice of mega-talented Gene Kelly. Track to the film of the same name, it is impossible not to relax while watching this musical. A light and entertaining 1952 film, whose Gene Kelly’s dancing scene gets parodied in movies and series to this day. There is no denying that a song and dance scene parodied for more than 60 years is at least impressive.

- "The Sound of Music", 1965. Despite having a bit of a weird title, after all, what would music be without the sound? This classic marked a whole generation that does not forget a nanny dancing and spinning on a green hill.

- "Cheek to Cheek" from the 1935 film "Top Hat." Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were the wonderful couple who starred in this movie. To this day, this couple is a reference in musicals and movies with loads of singing and dancing.

- "Fame", from the film with the same name and interpreted by Irene Cara. This soundtrack gravitates away from the classic musicals and brings a more Disco proposal. Launched in 1980, probably anyone over the age of 35 should have heard it.

- "Grease" brings us two big hits: "Summer Nights" and "You're the one that I want". In fact, if you're a fan practically every song in this classic is a pop culture hit.

- "The Wizard of Oz" brought us the song that warms any heart: "Over the Rainbow." Several versions of this song appeared later.

Tracks from more dramatic and romantic flicks

- The 1985 film "White Nights" gave us the beautiful song "Say you, Say me". It counts with the participation of the iconic Mikhail Baryshnikov and the great dancer and American actor Gregory Hines.

-New York is such a wonderful city that you have to say its name twice. At least that's how the saying goes. The film "New York, New York" took this to the letter, and its theme song played by none other than Liza Minelli is still played very often and very recognized until today.

- "Have you ever really loved a woman?" By Don Juan DeMarco. Written and performed by Bryan Adams. This is one of the most modern and recognizable songs from cinema.

- "As time goes by" from Casablanca. A beautiful piano accompanies this classic from 1942 set in the World War II.

- Couldn’t have a list without Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" for the movie "Titanic".

- Whitney Houston was terrific as Kevin Costner’s romantic counterpart in “The body guard”. "I will always love you" performed by Whitney is one for the list.

-"Who said ghosts are not sexy?" Patrick Swayze gave one of his best performances in "Ghost", accompanied by "The unchained melody".


-Everybody does that thing they do, but “The Wonders” surely do that thing they do. Their song "That thing you do!" is one of those songs that will get stuck to your head and that a whole generation will remember.

-And here’s to you, “Mrs. Robinson ". A super classic with Dustin Hoffman and a very cool song altogether.

- "Dirty Dancing" gave us the naughty song "(I've had) the time of my life". Once again, the great Patrick Swayze gave a great dancing performance in this romantic comedy appealing to both men and women alike.


- "Hakuna Matata" everyone! "The Lion King" taught us more than eating disgusting things. The Hakuna Matata philosophy is very similar to "Don’t worry, be happy".

- "A Whole New World" from the movie "Aladdin", was composed by Tim Rice and Alan Menken. Alan has won 8 Oscars for his songs, in addition to being nominated and having lost 10 more times.

Well, these are just some of the great songs that marked generations for appearing in very famous films. I could still include several songs from Rent and Rock of Ages, Armageddon, Jersey Boys, and many others. Hope you enjoyed it. Send your suggestions to the next article by commenting below.

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